Guest Speakers

Rev. John Shearer

John grew up in a mining village in central Scotland. John’s early Christian life was greatly helped by working with OM. He worked as an evangelist for 4 years with the Faith Mission. He then studied theology in Belfast, after which he pastored churches in Northern Ireland and Scotland as well as being involved in a pioneering gospel ministry in the Republic of Ireland. After 20 years as minister of Musselburgh Baptist Church, he retired in October 2011. He and his wife, Jan, enjoy spending time with their seven grandchildren.

Rev. John Kirkpatrick

Minister of Portrush Presbyterian Church since 1993. John is married to Joan and has 4 children in various parts of the world USA, England and Ireland, and has 4 grandchildren. He is a tutor for Reality316 apologetics and worldview course. He leads the foundational Apologetic network for European Leadership Forum. He is the Chaplain to Motorcycle Union of Ireland and he has the spiritual oversight for Trinity Central London Church plant.

Rev. Gareth Edwards

Gareth was a Baptist pastor for 30 years before joining The Christian Institute as their Wales Officer in 2018. He had previously worked for UCCF in Wales and had a long association with the Evangelical Movement of Wales, particularly as the organiser of its Aberystwyth conferences. He has preached in churches in Poland, South Korea, the USA and India. He is married to Ceri and has three grown up children and a granddaughter.

Ruth Glover

Ruth is now a stay at home Mum looking after her daughter called Sarah, who is just over two years old. Ruth used to be a full-time children’s worker for a Christian youth work charity in Suffolk, where she ran regular kids clubs, took school assemblies, and organised holiday clubs. Up until 2018, Ruth worked for the charity, Just42 just over 12 years, and loved the children’s work, she said she loved serving God in this way, and found it rewarding and encouraging to see the children enjoying learning about God.
My purpose and aim for the children at the Keswick in Wales, is to make the sessions a fun time, using new and up-to-date ways of teaching and activities but staying close to the Bible message of the gospel so that the children learn the foundations of knowing Jesus personally and how we can grow as a Christian. Ruth hopes to return to children’s work in the future, but in the meantime, she enjoys her time with Sarah, and serving in their local church with Sunday school, and helping with holiday club. Ruth, Freddie and Sarah have moved from Suffolk and now live in Belfast and have been settling in and making it their new home.

Rev. Colin Leyshon

Colin is originally from the Bridgend area but emigrated to London with the Civil Service.After twenty three years in the C.S. he was called to be the Minister of Stanmore Chapel (F.I.E.C.), North London, where he served for twenty seven years. He retired last year and now lives in Eastbourne. He is married to Bev and has three daughters and nine grandchildren.He is also Chairman of the Council of Trustees of Messianic Testimony. He first came to Keswick in Wales at the age of eighteen and has now taken on the role of Chairman.

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